We offer numerous surgery options to help maximize your pet's quality of life!


This is a sterilization procedure for female animals that prevents unwanted litters. The surgery is routine and only takes about 30 minutes but we require that your pet stays with us overnight so that we can monitor them for any potential complications.


This is also a sterilization procedure, but for male animals. It also prevents unwanted litters. This surgery is also routine and takes about 15 minutes, but like a spay, we require that your pet stays with us overnight for monitoring purposes.


Because some cats have a tendency to scratch furniture, drapes, clothing, and other household items, their owners may decide to have them declawed. This surgery removes the entire claw by amputating the last knuckle on each digit of the cat's paw. Some owners choose to have only the front two feet declawed while others choose all four feet. Your cat's paws will have to be bandaged and kept dry for 2 weeks. We require that your cat spends the night at the hospital so that we can monitor them for complications such as swelling.


This kind of surgery pertains the repair of bones, tendons, and ligaments. Common conditions that require such surgery include hip dysplasia, tendon ruptures, and limb disalignment. Joint replacements, plates, or pins may be required for stabilization, and hospitalization may be overnight or up to a week depending on the recovery and mobility of your pet.